Dena Churchill BSc., DC

Freedom is your Birthright

Dr. Ben Tapper

The Time is Now

Peggy Hall


Paul Thomas, MD

Getting The Keys to Health - A Healthy Immune System

Robert F. Kennedy Jr

Medical Racism: The New Apartheid

Kristen Nagle RN, RHN Canadian Frontline Nurses

We are Divinely Created

Ted Kuntz M.Ed

Protecting Our Right to Medical Choice

Grace Van Berkum, Natural Nutritionist

Life Is Now. How To Thrive As A Human In These Times

Seth Gerlach DC, DABCI

Masking Madness

Jenn Pike FDN, Women's Health and Hormone Specialist

The Audacious Woman

Jason Christoff, Self-Sabotage Coach

The Basics of Media/Government Mind Control

Stephanie Young, DC

What Makes us Sick: The Truth about Disease & How to Heal

Katie Church, DC

Taking Responsibility for your Health

Dr. Benjamin Benulis

The 14 Double-Standards of the COVID Crisis

Tanya Gaw

Protecting Faith, Family, and Freedom

Dr Scott Jensen, Husband, dad, physician, former State Senator

Targeted for Telling the Truth

Kate Vanderlugt, B.Sc. 

Empowering Parents to Advocate for their Children

Chris & Tyson Lucas, Our Pure Family

Cancer; An Awakening to Health Freedom

Pastor René McIntyre

Should Christians be Silent in a Time like This?

Kim Marshall, Roots & Wings Childhood

Ready to Rise: Empowered Parenting

Michelle Breau, R.H.N.P

Love thy microbes: Supporting immunity from the inside-out.

Oto Gomes

The New Abundance: How to Crypto Easy

Crisie, Minister's Wife & Health Advocate

Where do we Go from Here, Church?

Eddie Stone

Invisible Killers: How Toxins and Heavy Metals Can Cripple Your Health

This event is for you if you want to:

  • Learn how to legally protect yourself from forced vaccinations, mask mandates, and other forms of medical tyranny in a world where violating the Nuremberg Code is commonplace.

  • Uncover the real agenda behind masking our children, and what we as parents can do to fight back.

  • Understand your medical rights, employee rights, human rights, and God-given rights, and how to defend them.

  • Gain activist training on how to successfully influence your local and virtual community toward health freedom despite big tech censorship and mainstream media propaganda.

  • Learn from doctors who have put their reputations and livelihoods on the line to speak out against Pharma corruption and to inform the public.

  • Master the art of protecting your child's needs through the chaos while honouring their development at school, home and everywhere in between.

  • Secure your family’s financial future by tapping into “The New Abundance” using cryptocurrency.

  • And a whole lot more!

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  • The Fauci/COVID-19 Dossier; Prepared for Humanity by David E. Martin
  • Parenting in a Pandemic; Creating Peace in the Chaos Masterclass with Kim Marshall, Roots & Wings Childhood
  • Printable Advocacy Bundle; Includes printables on lockdowns, vaccines, religious freedom, masking and children’s rights, as well as constitutional freedoms protection cards.

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